The Dark Age of Kaljug


The Dark Age of Kali Yuga is the knife,
and the kings are butchers; Justice has sprouted wings and flown away. ॥

Chardi Kala 6k Run

6k Run

The Oak Creek Sikh Gurudwara (Wisconsin, USA) in remembrance of those who lost their lives in the terrible Shooting at The Gurudwara has set up a remembrance 6K Run for their memory. We encourage all USA and Canada Sangat to participate. The 6K run will help to spread awareness about Sikhs but also bring together different communities.

The 6k run is scheduled on August 3rd from 9am and is a free of cost run. The event of relentless optimism aims to bring all the communities together.
Location: Oak creek High school, 340 East Kehta Road
Date: Aug 3rd 2013
For registration and more information: ‎#OAKCREEK