Prabh Ka Simran Sabh Tay Ucha ॥

Prabh Ka Simran Sabh Tay Ucha ॥
Prabh Ka Simran Udhre Mucha ॥
“All the Avtars and saints of the world have
preached that Simran (Meditation) is the basis to reach upto the
feet of Wahe Guru. Only he can be remembered with whom there is love
and intimacy or who is impressionable. God is invisible. There is
no perception ofHim. It is difficult to be impressed by the one who
is not known.
The eyes see the form and the mind is impressed by it. Ears
are impressed by the song and music. When the tongue tastes the
flavour of the food, then the mind is swayed. Mind is also
impressed when the nose gets fragrance and the skin is touched.
The mind demands that thing and form again and again by which it
is impressed. The mind is fond of that person who appears his own
and for whom he feels fondness. Then this fondness becomes
remembrance. This fondness becomes simran (meditation). The
relation is established with him, who is recollected or remembered
The relation is estranged with him who is forgotten.
Thus remembrance is to commune and forgetting is
separation. Where as Eternal Wahe Guru is invisible so He is beyond the
reach ofour organs ofperception and intellect. Therefore the mind
does not demand Him and is forgotten. The benefit of
congregation is that the knowledge ofGod is acquired, His virtues
are known, He may appear our own and sweet. Due to these
attributes of Wahe Guru, the current of meditation starts flowing
automatically in the mind:

Saadhasang mann soval jaagae ॥
In the Company ofthe Holy.
the sleeping mind awakens.

lab prabh naanak meethae iaagae.॥
Meditation ofGod Then, O, Nanak, God seems sweet.

Wahe Guru is to be understood by listening to the anecdote in the
congregation and then, to commune with Him by singing His
Glory. This is collective meditation. In Sikhism an individual
meditation is also essential. Apart from recitation of Gurbani,
repetition of Holy Name according to Gurmat, is an individual
meditation. ” Sant Maskeen Ji

Bhai Uday Singh Ji

The Hill Chief Kesri Chand Made Threats to Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Blessed Bhai Udai Singh With Kirpa Barcha (Sword) and sent Him. Bhai Udai Singh Severed Raja Kesri’s Head and hung it on the Kirpa Barcha and brought it back to Anandpur Sahib Fort.

“Pothi Parmeshwar Ka Asthan Hai”

Respect and Follow
“Pothi Parmeshwar Ka Asthan Hai”
” Guru Granth Sahib Ji Da Prakash Parmatma Da Prakash Hai Es Layi Guru Granth Sahib Ji Nu Matha Tekna Parmatma Nu Matha Tekna Hai, Akal Purakh Nu Matha Tekna Hai” Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen

Kaagad Kalam Na Likhanhaar ॥

Kaagad Kalam Na Likhanhaar ॥
Mannay Kaa Bahi Karan Veechaar ॥
Aisaa Naam Niranjan Hoe ॥
Jay Ko Mann Jaanai Mann Koe ॥

Sikh Rehat Maryada

According to The Akal Takht Sikh Rehat Maryada, A Sikh Should do the Above

Shaheedi Saka of Sri Nankana Sahib

Nankana Sahib is the birth place of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. At the time of this incident, this place was being managed by Mahant Narayan Dass. A Jatha of 150 GurSikh reformers, led by Bhai Lahshman Singh, were visiting Nankana Sahib to seek Gurdwara reforms and it’s liberation, through non-violent and peaceful means. However, the managing Mahant had hired 28 Pathans and goondas from Majha, collected arms and ammunition besides other weapons, which caused a scare in the surrounding areas. He attacked the unscheduled Jatha, fired upon them without any warning and hounded them from room to room. At least one of them was tied to a tree and burnt alive. When a massacre inside the shrine was on, a group of Sikh devotees arrived outside. Mahant Narain Das on horseback ordered the killing of each and every long haired Sikh, and his men pursued some of them in the fields up to the railway station, killing and burning most of them. He also tried to burn down the dead bodies in a group inside the shrine. Those struck outside were thrown into kilns or burnt alive. The Guru Granth Sahib was riddled with bullets. This incident sent a wave of indignation among the Sikhs and other people throughout the world. The holy shrine of Nankana Sahib was eventually liberated. Additionally, this single incident triggered off a Gurdwara liberation movement throughout Punjab. The main objective of this movement was to consolidate the management of all historical Sikh Shrines under a single elected body which came to be known as the Sharomani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee or SGPC for short.
Sessions Court Judgement on Oct. 12, 1921, sentenced the Mahant and seven others to death, 8 to transportation for life, 16 Pathans to 17 years rigorous imprisonment, and acquited the remaining sixteen. However, the High Court, on March 1922, reduced the sentence for the Mahant to transportation for life, confirmed death sentence only for three, transportation for life against two and acquited all others including the Pathans. Source Mahan Kosh

Gurbani on Universe

Recently, News Has Come of Discoveries of Habitable Planets,
Over 500 Years Ago, SatGuru Ji, Had already Told Us

Over 100,000 People served Langar Everyday at Kitchen of ‪HarmandirSahib‬

Langar Being prepared at Kitchen of Harmandir Sahib

Bhai Lakhi Shah Vanjara


When Guru Tegh Bahahur Ji Was Martyred, A strict watch was kept so that no Sikh could get a glimpse Guru Ji’s Body. Bhai Lakhi Shah Vanjara a Devoted Sikh, Risked his like by taking advantage of the Dust Storm by putting Guru Ji’s Body in a cart and rushed it to his home. He set his own house on fire for the Sanskaar.

Mata Khivi Ji

Wife of Guru Angad Dev Ji.
Recognized for her Great Contribution For Sewa in the Langar System
Served 5 Sikh Gurus, Mentioned In Gurbani By Bhatt Satha and Balwand on Ang 967

Dastaar Asthan, Paonta Sahib

The Place Where Guru Gobind Singh Ji Held Competitions in wearing the Dastaar artistically