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Sikh History

Man Mohan Singh

First Indian To Fly Solo From India to England Also, First Indian to Fly Solo from England To South Africa Indian Air Force Fighter Pilot Led Flyers in Many Missions around the World. Became Shaheed ...
Sikh History

Sardar Karam Singh

First Indian To Receive ParamVir Chakra Alive Below is the Actual Citation From His ParamVir Chakra Award “LANCE NAIK KARAM SINGH 1 SIKH (NO-22356) Tithwal in Jammu and Kashmir was captured on 23 May 1948. ...

Valour = Sikh Regiment

Total: 1596 Gallantry Awards Sikh Regiment is the Highest Decorated Regiment in the Indian Army 73 Battle Honors and 38 Theatre Honors. Highest Decorated Battalion of Commonwealth of the British Only 1 Person has both ...