Sant Baba Ram Singh Shoots Himself in Solidarity to Farmer Protests

Sant Baba Ram Singh from Haryana’s Karnal shot himself at the Kundali border in solidarity with the farmers protesting against the farm laws.

Before shooting himself he left a letter which stated he, ‘was hurt to see the plight of the farmers’ and the ‘government’s oppression’.

“I have witnessed the plight of the farmers, who are on the streets, struggling for their rights. I am hurt to see that the government is not giving them justice. It is a crime. It is a sin to oppress and it is a sin to suffer,” Sant Baba Ram Singh’s suicide note said.

“Nobody did anything against the oppression and for the rights of the farmers. Many even expressed their protest by returning awards,” it said.

“This servant commits self-immolation against the government oppression [and] in favour of the farmers. It [The act] is the voice against the oppression and the voice in favour of the farmers,” the suicide note, written in Punjabi said.

Deep Sidhu responded to the suicide:

The following video is said to be the last video of Sant Baba Ram Singh:

United States Senate Writes Letter in Support of Indian Farmer Protests

The ranking member of the United States Senate, Senator Bob Menendez wrote a letter to the Indian Ambassador to the United States. The letter came from the Committee on the Foreign Relations which is the United State Senate that deals with foreign matters and represents the Entire Senate of the country.

In the letter, the Senator requested the Indian government to respect the farmer rights and for their right to peacefully protest.

Salman Khan to Play Sikh Cop in New Film “Antim”

Salman Khan’s new look as a Sardar was revealed on social media. He is set to play a Sikh character in the new film ‘Antim’ which is being directed by Mahesh Manjrekar and stars Aayush Sharma and Nikitin Dheer.

News sources have revealed that Salman Khan will be taking on a drug gang in the film. It appears that after the tremendous success of Saif Ali Khan’s sardar role in ‘Sacred Games’ that Salman Khan wants to cash in on the sardar looks.

Many on social media opposed the new look of Salman Khan because they felt an actual Sikh person should play the role.

Here is the first look:

UK PM Responds to Sikh MPs Question on Indian Farmer Protests

The UK PM Boris Johnson responded to Sikh MP from Slough Tanmanjeet Singh’s question on the farmer protests in India.

However, the response of the UK PM left Tanmanjeet with a confusing look as it appeared the UK PM knew nothing about the farmer protests going on in India.

Tanmanjeet wrote on Twitter:

“Many were horrified to see water cannon, tear gas and brute force being used against farmers peacefully protesting in India about #FarmersBill2020. Everyone has the fundamental right to protest peacefully. But it might help if our PM actually knew what he was talking about!”

Sikh Business Tycoon Peter Virdee Pushed and Harassed by the UK Police During Farmer Protests

Sikh business tycoon Peter Virdee was shoved by Metropolitan UK police twice during the protests in support of farmers in London. A video went viral on social media showing the police being overly aggressive with peacefully walking protestors.

When the incident occurred several Sikhs came to the aid of Peter Virdee.

Here is the video of the incident:

A police man also punched a peacefully protesting Sikh in face. Sikhs took to Twitter to call out the police aggression:

Despite Son’s Death, Farmer Continues to Fight for Farmer Rights in Delhi

It is often said that farmers have big hearts but it has been proven over and over again. A farmer from Kalkh, Ludhiana Sardar Bahadur Singh witnessed the death of his son in a terrible accident. The man who owns just a small parcel of land was so courageous that he went to the farmer protests with his village group.

The man said that he may have lost his son due to not having enough money but he will win the war to save the farmers and prevent farmers from losing their land and sons due to not having enough money.

The man has a very big heart and he’s set a very big example of what farming means to farmers.

Hans Raj Hans Told to Go Back by Farmers in Moga

BJP MP and Sufi singer Hansraj Hans from North West Delhi faced opposition from farmers in Moga, Punjab. He came here to participate in the program of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Farmers surrounded him when he started returning from the RSS program on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, constitution artisan from Shaheedi Park, Moga. 

The farmers were opposed to the three agricultural laws brought by the central government. Seeing the fierce form of the farmers, the police faced a lot of difficulty in removing Hansraj Hans. Hansraj Hans spoke to the protesting farmers for about 20 to 25 minutes. Hans told the farmers, “Modi government is completely positive towards the farmers’ movement. PM Narendra Modi himself is thinking for the betterment of the lives of farmers. Making plans accordingly. Negotiations are going on with farmers in Delhi.”

Khalsa Aid Sets up Tent to Sleep 400 Farmers

Khalsa Aid Charity has setup a tent to sleep about 400 people at the Delhi border, site of the farmer protests.

Ravi Singh, the founder of Khalsa Aid announced in a live video that the project would be complete on Sunday and would meet the need of so many farmers. Many images of farmers sleeping on the curbside of the roads or under the trucks have gone viral on social media. Khalsa Aid which always thinks a step further thought the basic need at the moment is not just langar but a shelter so that farmers can sleep without any fear of any problems on the road.

The tent was completely sanitized and comfortable beds and blankets were placed inside for the farmers. The shelter also has surveillance cameras setup so that monitoring can occur and farmers can sleep in peace.

The same tent with a partition has a place for women to sleep and fully guarded by volunteers. Khalsa Aid has also setup WIFI and created temporary washrooms for the people to use.

Punjab’s Cinema Owners to Ban Kanganga Ranuat Films

Several Punjab Cinema owners have met to discuss the recent events especially on Kangana Ranuat’s tweets against Punjab’s farmers. The cinemas owners in coming days will be announcing that they won’t allow any Kangana Ranaut films to be screened on any Punjab Cinema screens.

Punjab Producers and distributors are also meeting to make a decision on Kangana Ranaut. The entire Punjabi film industry has stood against the Bollywood actress and have united to take action.

The recent tweets of Kangana Ranuat has resulted to feelings of Punjabis being hurt for which the Bollywood actress has refused to apologize.

Also, Bollywood producers are also in a consensus to not give Kangana any work after her comments on the Sushant Singh Rajput case against many actors.

A Punjab Cinema owner made the following comments on Pro Punjab:

Sunny Deol Issues Statement on Farmer Protests and Deep Sidhu

Sunny Deol issued a statement on the recent farmer protests in India and commented about his relations with Deep Sidhu. Deep Sidhu has stated that the statement was prepared by the BJP and Sunny Deol copied and pasted what he was given.

English Translation of statement:

“I am pleading with the whole world that this is a matter of the farmer and our government. No one should come in the middle of it, because both will negotiate and find a solution, I know many people want to take advantage of it and those people are creating obstacles. He is not thinking about farmers at all, he may have his own selfishness.

Deep Sidhu, who was with me at the time of election, has not been with me for a long time, whatever he is saying and doing is doing it as per his wish, I have nothing to do with any of his activities. I am with my party and the farmers and will always be with the farmers. Our government has always thought about the welfare of the farmers and I am sure that the government will come to the right conclusion after talking with them.”

Deep Sidhu’s response to Sunny Deol’s statement:

Great Khali Says “Don’t Mess With Punjabis and Haryanvis”

The Great Khali joined the farmer protests to show support to the movement. The movement was started after farmers protested the 3 farmer bills passed by the Indian Parliament.

The Kisan Unions launched a massive protests across Punjab and nationally in response. The Kisan Unions are demanding the bills be taken back by the government.

Here is the video of the Great Khali:

Bollywood Celebrities Speak Out in Support of Farmers

Propping the downpours, nippy whether of North India, water guns and tear gas shells, a great many farmers from Punjab entered Haryana from different section focuses on the very first moment of Dilli Chalo rally. The farmers that are fighting three farmer acts passed by Modi government, penetrated blockaded set up by the police causing monstrous gridlock.