Trolls Delete Wikipedia Page on Battle of Chamkaur

The Sikh history page on the Battle of Chamkaur was deleted from the Wikipedia website after trolls spammed the page. The page appeared to not be done in an error but due to hundreds maybe thousands of people. Many on social media have called the act an attack on Sikh history.

A new page was immediately created on December 28, 2020 by Sikhs around the world and slowly getting the proper edits. However, it’ll be sometime before scholars can proofread the page and get it back to the original.

Several people reported on Twitter about the page being deleted:

Pakistani Punjabi Singers Dedicate Song to Farmer Protests

Punjabi singers from Pakistan dedicated a music video to farmer protests in Delhi. Here is the video:

Sukhwinder Singh PP Issues Video on Allegations of Deep Sidhu Being RSS Agent

Humanity service person Sukhwinder Singh PP issued a statement on a live video where he stated that Deep Sidhu is not a RSS agent from his understanding.

He stated in the nearly 8 minute long video that he got to look at Deep Sidhu closely and from his observations and understanding Deep Sidhu cares for Punjab and issues impacting the state.

Sukhwinder Singh PP further went onto say that he’s been wanting to issue a video for a long time because he had heard many allegations against Deep Sidhu.

Sukhwinder Singh said that knowing Deep Sidhu closely he currently can say the man is on right track and we shouldn’t judge people their past but recent actions.

Senior Lawyer Leaves Heartbreaking Letter Before Committing Suicide at Tikri Border

Senior lawyer Amarjit Singh Rai committed suicide at Tikri Border and left behind a heartbreaking letter. In the letter, Advocate Amarjit Singh Rai stated that PM Modi sold to interests such as Ambani and Adani and that the common farmers would be worse off with the agricultural bills.

Here is the letter:

Muslim Man Gets Emotional on Shaheedi Day of Sahibzaade

A Muslim man spoke to a Punjabi media network expressing his views on the shaheedi of the Sahibzaade, the sons of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji. He stated that he condemned the acts of the rulers of the time and that his religion does not allow for such acts to be committed.

Here is the interview:

The founder of Royal family of Malerkotla was Shaikh Sardar ud-din Sardar-i-Jahan, a Sherwani Afghan originating from Daraban. He received a jagir of 58 villages near Ludhiana and three lakhs of rupees as marriage gift, after marrying a daughter of Sultan Bahlol Lodhi of Delhi in 1454. The ruling family descends from Shaikh Salar ud-din the issue of this marriage.

The founder of the Malerkotla state was Bayazid Khan, who rose high in rank in the Mughal army. Saving the life of the Emperor Aurangzeb from an attacking tiger, he received high honours and recognition as an independent ruler. He was granted the right to construct a defensive fort, which he named Malerkotla, from which the state took its name. According to family tradition, he summoned Shah Fazl Chishti, a Sufi saint, and Damodar Das, a Hindu sadhu, to place the foundation stone, thereby also laying the foundations for the spirit of communal harmony and religious toleration that characterise Malerkotla.

Nawab Sher Muhammad Khan, Bayazid’s grandson, earned the undying gratitude and honour of the Sikhs. He had interceded with the Emperor in an attempt to stay the execution of Guru Gobind Singh’s two young sons, after their capture at Sirhind. Guru Gobind Singh on learning this kind and humanitarian approach profusely thanked the Nawab of Malerkotla and blessed him.

The spirit of communal harmony that pervaded the history of this little state endured even through the most difficult period during partition in 1947. As the rest of the Punjab went up in flames, and hundreds of thousands perished at the hands of their neighbours, Malerkotla remained an oasis of peace.

Farmers Met With Accident at Bridge Near Khanna

Last night, the farmer brothers who were going to join the ‘Kisan Andolan’ from village Wadale, Amritsar to Delhi, had an accident while on the bridge near Khanna.

With the grace of God, there was no loss of life but there are injuries. Farmer brothers going to Via Khanna from Punjab are requested to repair the bridge near Khanna for which the road has been diverted.

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Police employees take care of traffic at day time but no light at night, employees not a bus arrangement that has caused many accidents so far so drive carefully everyone. Thanks to those brothers who were immediately taken to the hospital and took care of the injured farmer brothers.

80 Year Old Woman Who Came Under Attack by Kangana Given Gold Medal

New Delhi: The agitation of farmers against agricultural laws is intensifying. Meanwhile, 80-year-old Mohinder Kaur from Bathinda, who joined the farmers’ movement, was honored with a pure gold medal.

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Let it be known that this Bibi Kangana has come in the headlines from Ranaut’s tweet. From New Zealand, the Sikh Supreme Society and the New Zealand Kabaddi Federation saluted Mahinder Kaur’s passion for the peasant movement and sent her a gold medal to her village.

It may be recalled that on a photo of Mohinder Kaur yesterday, Kangana had tweeted, “In Punjab, those who do such work can be found for Rs 100-100.” After this, the whole Punjab fell behind Kangana on social media. Kangana had deleted her tweet after seeing the controversy escalate.

Soldiers Return National Medals, “Will Sacrifice Life for Farmers”

A group of Soldiers arrived at the Delhi Border farmer protests and pledged support for the farmer’s cause. The soldiers put their medals in a box and gave it to the government in protest of the government not taking back the farm bills.

The soldiers stated they served at some of the toughest terrains in the world such as the Siachen Glacier and stated the honors they’ve earned mean nothing if the farmers aren’t respected and demands not met.

Delhi CM Kejriwal Gives Speech at Singhu Border

The CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal spoke at the Singhu border site of the farmer protests and gave a political speech. Up until now, all political leaders were banned from giving speeches but the Delhi CM was allowed to give a speech.

Here is the speech:

Kerala Shows Appreciation for Punjab Farmers

The Kerala farmers who grow pineapples have sent a truckload to Delhi to show support the farmers protesting. The act comes as a thank you after Sikh organizations such as Khalsa Aid and others came to the rescue of the Kerala people during the massive floods few years back.

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The Kerala farmers say they stand in solidarity with those protesting at the borders of the Delhi and it is an expression of support to their cause. An estimated 20 tonnes of pineapples were sent by the Pineapple Farmers Association which was flagged off by the Kerala Agriculture Minister VS Sunil Kumar in Vazhakulam, a village in the town of Enakulam District, also known as the Pineapple City.

The Kerala farmers stated the Punjab farmers represent the best interests of the entire agrarian community in the country.

The Asia’s largest pineapple market and research center is located in Vazhakulam.

Navjot Sidhu’s Shawl Draws Controversy on Social Media

The leader of Punjab currently considered to be the most popular after his historic support for Sri Kartarpur Sahib corridor has drawn controversy on social media over a shawl that carried Sikh religious symbols.

Many on social media did not mind the shawl but others did state it wasn’t appropriate to embed and wear the symbols in the form of a shawl.

The video was released by his own channel ‘Jittega Punjab’ which was created to provide unbias news of Navjot Singh Sidhu and his daily programs. The channel is extremely well liked and provides an insight into the meetings of Navjot Sidhu and his thought process without media bias.

Many parties have attempted to lure Navjot Sidhu but so far he’s still inclined to the Congress party and has met with national congress leaders.

Here is the video:

Here are some comments seen on social media against the shawl:

Yogi Adyitanath Visits Lucknow Gurdwara in Honor of Sahibzaade

The CM of UP visited a Lucknow Gurdwara Sahib in honor of the sacrifice made by the Sahibzaade, the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib J, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs. The visit coincides with the visit of PM Modi at Rakab Ganj Gurdwara Sahib a week ago.

Yogi Adityanath has visited Gurdwara Sahibs before he became CM of UP and in several speeches on social media has praised the sacrifices of Sikh Gurus and Sikhs.

Here is the video:

Picture: ANI