A Bollywood film producer whose made films like “Maa Tujhe Salaam” has made an erotic film “Monsoon” which reportedly revolves around a Sikh child and an adult woman.

It’s quite clear from the trailer of “Monsoon” that the film is an erotic Bollywood film which is full of intimate scenes.

The trailer of the film has revealed the Sikh boy has erotic fantasies about the woman he stalks.

The Sikh is shown as a boy who follows around a woman and imagines erotic scenes.

The poster of the film clearly shows the boy with a patka looking at the female’s sexual parts.

The outrage was sparked after this particular poster and Sikhs took to the streets.

Many questionable scenes have been shown to hurt the image of the Sikhs can be noticed from the trailer.

The posters which have been released are very erotic and shows their is some sort of connection between the adult woman and the child.

The Sikhs in Mumbai protested on the streets and want the questionable scenes deleted.

The Sikhs held signs and protested outside the office of the Producer who finally came out to speak with media persons regarding the issue.

The Sikhs said that they will not allow the film to be released with such scenes of a Sikh boy.

Here is video showing the protest:

Here is the erotic trailer of the Film Monsoon

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