Outrage Over Gurdas Maan Continues After Airport Comments

Gurdas Maan landed today at Sri Amritsar Airport after his Canadian concert tour. Gurdas Maan was guarded with heavy police presence in the event any protests took place at the airport. Reporters asked Gurdas Maan in regards to the “Bati” and worldwide protests. Gurdas Maan stated he wasn’t worried about any protests.

Several reporters asked Gurdas Maan about the “bati” comment and he stated “there is a bati on this car too.” Gurdas Maan didn’t apologize or stated any regret about the “bati” comment but instead joked on the “bati” comment by referencing it on his car.

When asked about the controversy he stated that nothing of such sort occurred.

Gurdas Maan didn’t apologize when reporters questioned him on the controversy that took place in Canada. He went onto say that he wasn’t worried about the protests.

Here is another video of the airport arrival of Gurdas Maan.

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