Outrage After IPL Cricket Commentator Makes Fun of Sikhs on Live TV

During the coin toss of the Kings XI Punjab’s match against Royal Challengers Bangalore , New Zealand commentator thought it was funny to dress up as a Sikh to toss the coin. The commentator’s appearance looking like a Sikh caused many on twitter to be outraged. Morrison issued the following statement after the backlash:

Others weren’t so amused:

Via: FoxSports:
“In my personal view, I didn’t think it was offensive,” Bhikhu Bhana, president of the NZICA, told Stuff.co.nz.

“When you look at Danny Morrison, and I’m an avid cricket follower, he welcomed everyone in a place called Mohali, which is in the Punjab.

“And he welcomed them in their language too, basically saying ‘Kia Ora’. And that was it really. I couldn’t see anything that was offensive at all.

“Cricket can open bridges really and I think Danny tries to do it sometimes. Look at the crowds there. They’re having a good time. From my point of view, I can see nothing culturally offensive from Danny Morrison.”

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