Referred to as “Bhai Sahib Bhai Sant Nirmal Singh Khalsa” a member of the sect “Neeldhari” had recently done a Christian style wedding ceremony on a beach while his father acted as the Priest of the wedding.

As shocking as it seems, this particular “Sikh” parcharak was recently honored by the Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh. However, it is not known whether the Jathedar attended the wedding but he did attend a recent gurmat program along with other Jathedars where this “Sant Nirmal Singh” performed kirtan.





Sikhs worldwide are expressing outrage on social media for a number of reasons.

1) Why the parcharak conducted a Christian wedding.
2) Rumour of a Jathedar attending the wedding
3) Why the father of the groom named Satnam Singh (Pipli Sahib) who calls himself a “Sant” acted as the priest.
4) So called “Sant” married a Christian girl, when Sikhs are only suppose to marry Sikhs, especially those who preach Sikhi.


It is quite clear from the pictures the wedding was totally against gurmat and shocking that these preach Sikhi.

Recently, Satnam Singh from Pipli Sahib, a leader of the Neeldhari Sect took amrit to join the larger Khalsa Panth but these acts need to be condemned immediately.

The Akal Takht Jathedar hasn’t given a response to the above issue.

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