The makers of film “Nanak Shah Fakir” have released the first teaser of the film which gives a sneak peak about the movie.

The teaser is a big disappointment and soon after the release, many Sikhs are speaking out against it on social media. The film appears to portray Guru Nanak Dev Ji as a Christian and a Muslim Prophet and shows nothing about Sikhi.

Akal Takht has endorsed the film and reaction of the Jathedar is awaited.

It appears a person has played Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the film. Originally, the word was that still images were to be used but it appears an actual person has played the role.

The portrayal of Guru Nanak Dev Ji appears to show him as a Christian Prophet because the scenes are very similar to paintings of Christian saints.

The dialogue at the end is completely wrong by the narrator stating “You are Sikh of Ek Onkar.” First of all, there is no historical evidence that Guru Nanak Dev Ji said this.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji spread Sikh values through his shabad and taught people by having conversations with them. In the teaser, it shows Guru Nanak Dev Ji as a figure larger then life, yes Guru Nanak Dev Ji is Akal Roop but he spread his message by talking to people and through his shabads.

There is no historical Sakhis or primary evidence what so ever that agrees with this teaser. It appears to hurt Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s image then promote it.

After the teaser was released, a major promoter of such films has dropped it from it’s pipeline.

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