Outrage After Group Imitates Amrit Ceremony

In what has to be one of the most disturbing videos, a group of boys are seen committing sacrilege and hurting Sikh sentiments of the Amrit Ceremony.

In the video, the boys appear to be having some sort of an event where they imitate the Amrit Ceremony. The boys in the background state Sikh Jaikare of ‘Bole So Nihal’ and talk about Amrit in the liquor. Other videos from the same event show the boys disrespecting other Sikh events such as the Chabheel.

They are clearly seen imitating the Amrit Ceremony by putting liquor in a bowl and serving it by passing it to each other.

Here is the first video where they open up bottle of liquor and state Sikh Jaikare:

Here they continue the sacrilege of Sikh Jaikare and Amrit ceremony:

The boys continue the sacrilege in this video:

In the following video, they can be heard saying “bring me the chabheel” with other expletive words.

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