Outrage After Granthi Brutally Beaten for Refusing to Call Dera Head ‘Guru’

Patiala, Punjab: A shocking video surfaced online showing a number of men beating an Amritdhari Singh, stripping him and striking him as they “punished” him for speaking out against their Baba.

According to reports the video is from Nabha, Patiala and the man being beaten is a Granthi Singh who refused to call Baba Kashmira Singh Alhora his Guru.

The man can be seen being beaten with multiple batons after stripping him. The video went viral on social networks with people outraged over the incident.

Granthi Avtar Singh had been doing sewa in the Gurdwara for the past 20 years and said followers of Baba Kashmira Singh were pressuring him to accept the Baba as his Guru and his refusal to do so led to the whole incident.

It will be interesting whether the Jathedar of Akal Takht takes any action against the Dera.

A police report has been filed and the matter will also be taken to Sri Akal Takhat Sahib for further investigation.

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