A video posted by an artist named Nicolas Jurnjack Hair on Youtube has started a debate on whether showing a Nihang Singh style turban made about of “Hair”  is appropriate with a half naked model.

The following questions require debating:

Is it appropriate for a half naked model to wear a Sikh Turban? Is it sacrilege? Is Blashemy being committed against Sikh religious symbols?

The artist says it’s homage to Sikh culture? Is it so?

If the artist really wanted to showcase the Sikh turban, why he chose half naked model and why not showcase the entire Sikh uniform of Nihangs?

The video has sparked an outrage which shows a Nihang style turban with Khanda emblems.

Sikhs wear turbans representing sacrifice, sovereignty, dedication, self-respect and courage.

Outrage expressed by Sikhs on the DSU Facebook page:

Pami Gill “It’s wrong and on a naked women’s body
Showing no respect to our Gurus Turban”

Harvinder Pawar “It is commendable this artists interest in Sikh identity however khanda is only worn by baptized by people with conservative attire. This artist /designer should retract this video and issue a formal apology!!!”

Prabhjot Kaur “People out there should know the meaning of turban for Sikhs… . though turbans are used by many communities out there it would perhaps not affect as in this case, she has used Sikh emblem Khanda openly depicting Sikh turban only. Turban definitely adds to the style of a Sikh man besides having religious significance. No one should be allowed to use religious articles inappropriately as she has done with almost naked ..
I STRONGLY OPPOSE THIS , THE MODEL AND HER TEAM MUST WITHDRAW THIS ACTION BY BANNING THE CIRCULATION OF THIS VIDEO so that such action is not repeated in future…they can be more creative for paying homage to Sikh culture and art in some decent way acceptable as per reli gious sentiments.”

Mandip Singh “Thats disrespect too sikhs”

Sarinder Gill “This is humiliating to Sikhism and VERY WRONG!!! The Artist and the author should be punished!!!!!!!”

MoNu JaTt “So stupid. Atrist have no knowledge and no respect for a culture and customs”

Harpreet Bassan “Sikhism and the clip don’t go together, would like to know what the artist was thinking…”
Learn more about Nihangs: Who are Nihang Singhs?

The artist has removed the video after a Sikh explained in detail regarding the meaning of the Sikh Turban.

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