(Well that’s what we want to make ourselves believe!)

Believing we are upholding a higher principle, we are deceived through our own stupidity into doing the opposite and betraying all that we were supposed to stand for by choosing what we convince ourselves is “the lesser of the two evils”

Been here many times and seen too many others making the same mistakes. So why do we allow ourselves to keep choosing the unqualified to lead us! Why do we keep backing the wrong people to lead the Sangat!

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj came to end the blind darkness of ignorance, to remove the shackles of slavery which clutched the Human race for thousands of years and to infuse a new lease of life in to the suppressed, socially stagnant, religiously degenerated and economically exploited.

So here we are in 2016….as so called disciples of the great Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj…but now our lack of Sikh principles keeps leading us to make bad decisions. We choose poor leaders because we lack foresight and strength of character to challenge them. We choose poor leaders because we are easily steered by cheap propaganda. All we end up doing is constantly moaning about the Gurdwara Committees, Organisations etc, the list of grievances is endless.

Nothing changes until we realise that leadership will only change when we take those current leaders off the seats of authority that they have occupied. Nothing will change until we reform constitutions to safeguard against poor leadership and infiltration. Nothing will change until the right people step up, recognise their true worth and take up positions of influence.
Nothing changes until we comprehend that the principled GurSikh is in the position of influence not the other way around.

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