The following article is by Nirmal Singh and DSU Doesn’t Endorse the views as it’s an OP/ED.

I have tremendous respect for those who teach about Sikhi and go out of there way to help people understand the Sikh principles.

Kathavachak Professor Sarbjit Singh Dhunda of the Gurmat Gian Missionary College is a person who I have admired for a long time for his unique perspective of doing Katha.

However, I can’t compare him to the likes of Bhai Pinderpal Singh or Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen. In Professor Dhunda, I see more entertainment in his Katha than knowledge. He’s among my favorites, but he can improve his style and I wish he does.

I have composed a list called: ‘5 Things I Dislike About Sarbjit Singh Dhunda’

1) In a 1 hour of Katha, I observe 15 minutes of Gurmat Gian and 45 Minutes about irrelevant stories.

2) I don’t like the fact that he opposes Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s bani in Dasam Granth. The greatest Sikh scholars such as Bhai Vir Singh, Sardar Kapoor Singh, Rattan Singh Bhangoo and others have stated the work is of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

3) In a video on Youtube, he speaks against Sri Hemkunt Sahib.

4) He’s a follower of Darshan Singh Raagi who is expelled by Sri Akal Takht Sahib

5) Sarbjit Singh Dhunda during a question and answer session in California appeared to agree that it was ok to put Guru Sahib’s saroop in a suitcase and he states that it was done in the past. He stated that Sikhs focus more on Satkar than understanding of Guru Sahib but I feel both are equally important. Would you put a King inside a Suitcase? The Youtube video can be viewed at minute 2:00: Sarbjit Singh Dhunda

I hope Professor Sarbjit Singh improves his Katha approach and does more to unite the Sikh community rather than divide. It’s much easy to divide by raising controversial issues but a lot harder to unite by finding consensus.

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