A Hindu man from Madya Pradesh praised the Sikh religion over their humanitarian efforts in the entire country of India. The man stated that he’s been bringing patients to Delhi for the last 20 years to get treatment. He stated that Sikhs provide free food and accommodation needs for so many patients which otherwise the treatment wouldn’t be possible.

The man praised the 24/7 langar across Gurdwaras in Delhi which provide food to millions of patients that often end up staying in the city for treatment for extended time periods. He goes onto say that no one provided justice to Sikhs yet they are the only ones that stand up for humanity.

The man stated that if the Sikh kindness from compassion did not exist then the fate of the patients would be much different. The Sikh Gurdwaras provide spiritual uplifting along with food and accommodation help.

A Hindu Brother Telling about Sikh Religion by dailysikhupdates

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