In an interview shortly after the Lok Sabha elections Arvind Kejriwal was watched saying that one Sikh is equal to 125,000. In the Lok Sabha elections the AAP party won only 4 seats and those 4 seats came from Punjab.

The irony is that now in the Delhi Assembly elections, once again 4 Sikhs have won but this time the AAP party has a majority going into forming the Assembly.

All four Sikhs of the AAP party went against 4 Sikhs candidates of the opposing parties. The AAP party is to contest the by polls in Dhuri where Bhagwant Mann won by a very big margin during the Lok Sabha elections. The date for the elections will be set by the end of the month but campaigning in the district is ongoing.

Here is the video where Arvind Kejriwal says the famous quote.

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