A TV discussion show with Sikh Council UK regarding the Anand Karaj and Rehat Marayada. The show was broadcast on 14 August 2015, prior to the National Gurdwara meeting at Southall.

The discussion revolves around the purpose of the Anand Karaj and why an Anand Karaj must be only for Sikhs. The intellectuals discuss on how the Sikh Rehat Maryada was founded and how it’s guiding principles must be accepted by all Sikhs as it’s a document made on a consensus by some of the most brilliant Sikhs in history.

Sikh Council UK Secretary General Gurmel Singh and Sikh Council UK Board of Jathedars member Principal Gurmukh Singh discuss the significance and importance of the Rehat Marayada and Anand Karaj.

SIKHPA founder Rupinder Kaur also discusses media perception of the current interfaith marriage debate.

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