“Rarely in the annals of human history does there appear a personage capable of awakening the human heart’s noblest virtues to such an extent that an entire nation dynamically expresses the finest of its inherent qualities. Guru Gobind Singh Ji had such an exceptional personality.

Matchless in character and unparalleled in attributes, striking in figure and divine in demeanour, he was the definitive warrior-saint. In battle he knew no equal; in piety he was sublime.

His presence inspired awe, devotion, and valour. Poet, visionary, sage, warrior, and leader, he fearlessly rallied the valiant forces of righteousness lying dormant within the weary hearts of his people. The strength of his moral fibre and the conviction of his spiritual and social ideals inspired his nation to fulfil its noble destiny, uplifting it within a singular purpose. In the entire history of humankind, the unparalled example of Guru Gobind Singh Ji stands as a perennial source of inspiration for the leaders of the world.”

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