The spokesperson for Damdami Taksal from Mehta Chowk in a program held on 14 October 2016 openly called for ‘Chabheel’ on those who speak against the sarovaars and other Sikh issues. The spokesperson says he warns those who speak about Gurbani, Baba Deep Singh, etc, that a ‘Chabheel’ or ‘assassination’ would occur.

The use of the word Chabheel as hurt sentiments of Sikhs worldwide.

The question:

However, Sikh Gurdwara committees worldwide have defended Bhai Dhadrianwale stating that he never disrespected the sarovaars or any other Sikh institution and that a conspiracy against him is being lodged due to his tremendous impact on people coming into Sikhi.

Charanjit Singh Jassowal repeatedly uses the word ‘chabheel’ in reference to an assassination attempt because the previous attack on Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale came after they stopped for a ‘chabheel’ on the side of the road when the attackers started firing on them.

The outrageous comments of Charanjit Singh Jassowal were seen being condemned worldwide.

Charanjit Singh Jassowal by dailysikhupdates

Previously, Charanjit Singh Jassowal also threatened Bhai Dhadrianwale following the attack on Bhai Dhadrianwale.

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