Obama Warns Modi on Religious Tolerance, Mentions Article 25

President Obama brought up religious tolerance many times in his speech at Siri Fort auditorium and stated every person has a right to practice his faith without risk of persecution. He said India will succeed long as it doesn’t get “splintered” on religious lines.

“Every person has the right to practice his faith without any persecution, fear or discrimination. India will succeed so long it is not splintered on religious lines,” Said Obama

“Your (Constitution) Article 25 says all people are equally entitled to the freedon of consience and have right to freely profess and practise and propagate religion. In both our countries, in all countries upholding with freedom of religion is the utmost responsibility of the government but also the responsibility of every person,” he said.

Obama also mentioned the incident insise a Wisconsin gurdwara where 6 people were killed he said “in a terrible act of violence”.

“In that moment of shared grief, the two countries reaffirmed the basic truth that we must again today. Every person has a right to practice the faith that they choose and to practice no faith at all and to do so free of persecution, fear or discrimination,” he said.

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