At the climate change summit in Paris, US President Barack Obama was seen greeting PMs of many countries.

It became quite clear that Obama ignored many of the PMs who wanted to greet the President. Some of the PMs were seen waving to Obama and became a bit embarrassed after Obama didn’t wave back.

Obama made many Prime Ministers uncomfortable and it shows how much of a Star Obama is in their eyes. Prime Minister Modi was even seen waving at Modi and unfortunately for the PM, Obama didn’t reply back.

One reason Obama might have ignored Modi is India’s stance on the climate change issue. While President Obama wants the same set of regulations to be adopted by all nations battling carbon pollution. However, Modi’s stance is that the richer countries should take more responsibility while less restrictions on developing countries as they are still “developing.” This probably didn’t go to well with Obama and he perhaps chose to ignore Modi due to this sole reason.

Obama Snubs PMs by dailysikhupdates

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