Oak Creek Wis. Gurdwara Shooting Police Heroes To Receive Big Honor

MILWAUKEE COUNTY, Wis. —It’s been almost two years since a man with a gun started shooting in a place of worship.

Six people were killed at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek in August 2012.

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Just in time for the anniversary, retired police Lt. Brian Murphy and Officer Sam Lenda will receive the Congressional Badge of Bravery.

“That’s really what this represents, is when times are bad and times are tough, law enforcement comes.,” Murphy said.

Murphy took at least 15 bullets as he traded gunfire with the man who attacked the Sikh temple.

“My leg still acts up now and again, or my throat. When the weather cools off, my hands will start hurting. That’s the legacy of it,” Murphy said.

It was Lenda who fired the shot that knocked Wade Michael Page down. Page eventually killed himself.

Read More: http://www.wisn.com/news/sikh-temple-heroes-to-receive-a-high-honor/27273668#!btqdrg

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