A Sikh student Rajwinder Singh received death threats after a picture of him was posted on social media calling him a “terrorist.” The student was shocked after the police refused to register a complaint and refused his protection.

The photograph went viral in New Zealand without Rajwinder’s knowledge and the false accusations had him worried for his life. Rajwinder received numerous death threats and his place of work was also posted onine.

“Put a bat through his turban and smash his legs to a pulp,” a person wrote on Facebook.

After Rajwinder approached the police, the police said they can’t do anything because comments posted online are considered “not public” in New Zealand.

A local new agency contacted the Canterbury police but they not only refused an interview but also didn’t make his file public.

The Singh in the interview said:
“For me my turban is my respect, and it’s my culture.
“We are not bad at all and we are not terrorists, we are not bombers.”

Sikhs online have expressed outrage and demanded the New Zealand police take action.

Here were some of the comments:

Jay Singh People need to understand sikh and the history and culture . Don’t label out with knowledge the greatest gift to world .

Harjit Kaur Feel sorry for this guy as police is shit. Godforbids what if someone actually tried to harm him, this police will do f*** all. They are aware of sikhs and difference between sikhs and talibanis. They are just being racist.

You can call the Canterbury Police at this number:
Address: 62-74 St Asaph St
Christchurch Central
PO Box 2109
Phone: (03) 363 7400

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