The New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said ICC’s decision on banning the Kirpan is wrong.

Several Sikhs weren’t allowed to enter the cricket match between India and Zimbabwe due to their Kirpans. The ICC has imposed a ban on the Kirpans, even though in New Zealand the Kirpan can be worn in public.

Regarding the ICC ban he stated, “”It’s their tournament, not ours. So we can’t dictate that to them.”

He expressed sympathy towards the Sikh community and stated, “My understanding of the kirpan is it is for the most part very small, it’s a blunt instrument.”

“And, actually, if you want to make the case that someone could cause harm with that, they’re probably much more likely to be able to cause harm with anything else you can get at the grounds, including a wine bottle or something else,” the prime minister said.

Daljit Singh, chairman of the Supreme Sikh Council reacted to the ICC ban by saying, “This decision has huge implication because we have about 500 in our community who already bought tickets for the semi-finals, and are now worried that they cannot get in,” he said.
“We have been told that, under New Zealand law, it is legal to carry a kirpan, but this ban is being imposed by the ICC which we feel should follow the law of the land.”

The PM also stated they might legalize the Kirpan on flights and cited other countries and said, “Some countries have legislated for that, I think Britain and Australia. We might look at it.”

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