The NYPD officer who lashed out at a Punjabi taxi driver has been stripped of his badge and gun. The cop can be heard shouting expletives and verbally abusing the Uber taxi driver.

Officer Patrick Cherry now faces transfer from his department. In a press conference, the NYPD commissioner said, “In that kind of encounter, anger like that is unacceptable. In any encounter, discourtesy and obscene language like that is unacceptable.

The video was recorded by Sanjay Seth, the passenger inside the Uber vehicle.

After posting the video on his social network accounts, Seth wrote “Our Uber driver, Humayun, was abused by a police officer today in New York. The rage, door slamming, throwing items into the car, threatening arrest without cause was bad enough but the officer’s remarks at the end really took it to another level.”

People have expressed outrage worldwide on social networks and stated the following:

“Great! He actually should be suspended. Imagine what goes on that we don’t have a video of.”

“What a joke! Let me act that way with people who pay my salary and I’ll be on that unemployment line in no time.”

“send all your police officers to uk to learn policing as a civilised nation”

“He should be sent to an institution for treatment of his mental health issues. He isn’t just mean. He is NUTS! It is disgraceful the way he treated that poor driver. It’s cops like him that make all the good and decent cops look bad.”

NYPD Cop Verbally Abuses Punjabi Man by dailysikhupdates

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