After videos of Raagis Balbir Singh and Sarbjit Singh surfaced online showing them committing sacrilege of Gurbani, a new video of Raagi Harvinder Singh has come to light where he’s seen doing kirtan in front of singer Ghulam Ali.

Raagi Harvinder Singh apparently thought he was showing off his singing talent but had no respect for Gurbani while doing so.

Ghulam Ali can be seen with his shoes on and head uncovered.

According to Bhai Nand Lal, heads must always be covered when listening to Kirtan:

Nagan Hoe Bahar Fireh, Nagan Seesh Jo Khae,

Nagan Parshad Jo Baantaae, Tankhaae BADOO Kahaae | – Tankhahnaama Bhai Nand Laal Ji

Ghulam Ali is a famous Pakistani Ghazal Singer.

Apparently, many Raagis seem to have no respect for Gurbani and are willing to commit sacrilege.

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