Now Going Viral: Jain Preacher Praises Sikhs and Langar

A Jain preacher made an emotional speech on how Jains are diverted from the path of Jainism and have formed various groups under the same religion. He explained how difficult it is to identify a Jain due to dilution of Jain practices.

He gave an example of how Sikhs have maintained their turban and identity despite facing so many issues worldwide. He said, “Whether Sikhs are in India or in France, Sikhs always wear turban and have fought the right to wear it in all countries.”

He went onto say “Sikhs serve langar in all the Gurdwaras but we are worried about wear to put our names on our religious shrines. When I visit a Gurdwara wear langar is served, no names of donors are seen anywhere. Sikhs are very caring people who remember god and by saying their religious slogans they carry out selfless service. Whereas, we have changed our rituals, dates, eating habits, lifestyles, and so many things and have diluted Jainism. There are people who are proud to be Jain but don’t follow any practices. We have ruined Jainism due to our practices and haven’t kept alive our principles.”

Jain Preacher praises Sikhism by dailysikhupdates

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