A man keen to learn about Sikhi and enlighten by the Sikh religion came to Punjab to understand the faith better. Reportedly, he’s been touring several historic sites and learning about Sikh history.

In one of his visits to a Gurdwara Sahib, he did 84 Japji Sahib Paaths at Gurdwara Sahib Goindwal.


The man received immense respect from people on social networks. One person stated he lived just a few blocks away from the Gurdwara but never even done 1 Japji Sahib Paath. However, the man was inspired after looking at the picture of the English man and has decided to come back to Sikhi.

The task of reciting Jap Ji Sahib at each of the 84 steps can be very exhausting and depending on speed of reading can take around 24 hours to complete for slow readers and about 12 hours for faster readers. However, those who have JapJi Sahib Khant/memorized can do it at a much faster time.

The Gurdwara at Goindwal is called Sri Baoli Sahib. It is a large, open well, 8 metres across. Its water level is reached through a covered passage comprising a flight of 84 steps. A wide pointed archway opens on a domed clearance, four steps below the ground level. Its cupola is painted with multicoloured floral designs and portraits of Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Hargobind and Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

The man has appeared to inspire a number of persons born into the Sikh faith but who don’t practice. After seeing a foreign person learning about their faith, they understand the importance.

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When we recite Japji Sahib there is an internal love song that the human physiology and psychology recognizes, with its own celestial sounds accompanying: such as the taal of the heart – its one of the most beautiful experiences humanity is gifted. Every time the heart beats blood cells disperse through the body, the information of our thoughts & glandular system are contained in the iron of that blood, the same iron compound used on cassette tapes to record audio and or video information. This blood meets every organ, nerve, and component of the physical body. To dwell in the shabd of Gurbani, applying significant time and devotion to reciting has a profound effect & even science proves that. Also, Gurbani teaches us when we dwell in the Shabd we are liberated and merge with the light of Akal Purkh.

We should recognize that the enlightened being of Siri Guru Nanak expressed vocally, moving his tongue in relation to a meditative awareness, an enlightened state of body & mind Joged with the creator and creation, and Siri Guru Nanak was the one who taught us Ek Ong Kar. We can discuss intellectually what Ek Ong Kar means to us (vichar is good) & we we can also simply experience Ek Ong Kar, like Siri Guru Nanak was experiencing in his life and when reciting Japji.

Reciting Japji at Goindwal Sahib 84 times is great, I look forward to one day sharing that experience & we should encourage everyone with a righteous spiritual longing to go for that virtuous treasure. The practice at Goindwal Sahib is a great opportunity to dwell in the Shabd of Gurbani.

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