Norway Elects First Sikh in Government

For the first time in the history of Norway, a Sikh man named Amrit Paul Singh was elected in the Municipal Council as a Counselor. Amrit Paul was chosen in the Drammen area where a total of 34 candidates took part in the Municipal Council elections. Mr. Singh was the first Sikh person to ever win in the elections.

Mr. Singh has made the Sikh Community proud worldwide for representing the Sikh and Norwegian community in the Council.

Mr.Singh went past 34 candidates on the list and climbed straight into the municipal council: –⁠ It took a few minutes before it sank.

This man climbed most of all at the election. He now sits on the municipal council.

NEW ROLE: Amrit Paul Singh (41) is a family father with two children and works as a tax advisor in Norsk Hydro. On Wednesday, he learned that he has also become a municipal representative for the Right in New Drammen.

Amrit Paul Singh (41) did not expect to join the municipal council in the new Drammen. But voters have obviously wanted something quite different from what the Right put on their list of candidates.

THE DREAM: Amrit Paul Singh has climbed an impressive 34 places on Høyre’s selection list. There are no candidates, either on Høyres or any other party’s lists, who can compete against. – I am not entirely surprised that I climbed up the list, but I am very happy and grateful that I am now joining the municipal council, says a smiling Singh, who in the previous period sat as deputy for the Right in Drammen city .

He is also very grateful to have a patient wife who looks through his fingers with election campaign paper all over the house and a man who has been very little at home lately. “I’ve spent all my spare time in the election campaign for the last three or four weeks,” he says.

He got 141 personal votes from his own party, and 57 slings from voters who voted anything other than the Right. Thus, he added up to Høyre’s selection list from 48th place, to 14th place. He also secured a permanent seat on the municipal council in Nye Drammen.

Have not regretted one day that he went into politics Singh has been politically active since 2012. – I have not regretted one day that I went into politics. You have an obligation to do a good job for the local community, and as a politician you have the opportunity to influence the city and the development of the city, he believes. The newly elected municipal politician believes commitment and hard work in the election campaign has helped him up the list and into the municipal council hall. According to himself, he uses most occasions to talk politics; to friends, friends of friends and acquaintances. Singh also believes a large community engagement over the years may have helped him.

Those who know me know that I stand up and line up when needed. That I am a person you can trust – whether on a day off on the football field or as a class contact for my children, says Singh, who also sits as a board member of the Association of Civil Economists in Buskerud, Econa. The family father has two children and works as a tax advisor in Norsk Hydro with international taxation.

Amrit Paul Singh was born in India but moved to Norway and Drammen as a teenager. From 1998 he has lived in the River City. – I’ve never felt outside. I got a good job and a good education, he says. Singh is a business economist with two degrees from BI.

Took a few minutes before it sank Singh says he thought he might have a chance to come in, but he was far from sure. He thinks it has been a tough choice for the Right and that the battle for the seats has also been tougher as a result of the municipal merger. The right ended up getting 15 seats in the new municipal council.

Singh was informed that he had entered a permanent seat on the municipal council when the congratulatory messages started ticking in just over 5 pm on Wednesday afternoon, when the final election results became known, after counting of votes and cast members. – Even though I worked hard for it, it took a few minutes before it fully sank that I’m one of the 15, he smiles.

In place number 14. stood Havva Ince. She ended up as number 25 on the list. In came Amrit Paul Singh.

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