Via: Sikh Youth Birmingham

We had an incident today in which a Muslim boy tried to sign up to Sikh Society, using a fake Sikh name. Luckily, we spotted his real name on his student card and were able to realise that he is in fact Muslim.

PLEASE BE ATTENTIVE. We have no issue with members of other faiths, HOWEVER, lying about his name clearly shows that he had something to hide. Please look out for these sorts of characters… And protect our brothers and sisters!

Your not alone, Support each other, Sikh Youth Birmingham are here to support, and help you through these hurdles at university anyone needing our Support, we are vigilant and alert and deal with this day in day out.

This clearly shows the lengths the other communities go to, so they can prey on vulnerable students. Get streetwise be alert, don’t be afraid to ask for help we are here.

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