(DSU News Bureau) Sikhs have engaged and met with well over 200 candidates standing to become MPs using the Sikh Manifesto. These have mainly been from the two main political parties Labour and the Conservative, but also some from the Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru, Greens and UKIP.


Generally candidates from across the apolitical spectrum have not only warmly welcomed the Sikh Manifesto, but also indicated where they are supporting it. The Sikh Federation (UK) are releasing a report on responses to date in next week. Many candidates have been to Gurdwaras to discuss the Sikh Manifesto, have had their pictures taken with the Sikh Manifesto, written letters of support and shown their commitment. There has also been considerable social media activity in support of the Sikh Manifesto and widespread media coverage – TV, radio and newspapers.

However, the one and only so called “Sikh” who was an MP in the last Parliament has not made a single statement on whether he agrees or disagrees with any of the issues set out in the Sikh Manifesto. The Sikh Federation (UK) has tried to contact Paul Uppal dozens of times since the Sikh Manifesto was released but he refuses to respond or issue any statement.

The Sikh Federation (UK) and Sikh Network has for the first time in history made UK MPs realize the importance of the Sikh vote and how Sikhs can be the deciding factor of winning or losing. The release of the Sikh Manifesto has made the Sikh vote matter more then ever.

Whereas, former MP Rob Marris has issued a statement and met with Gurdwara leaders supporting 9 out of the ten items on the Sikh Manifesto.

Voting begins next week and we can conclude since Paul Uppal hasn’t issued any statements he’s doesn’t endorse the Sikh Manifesto.

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