No! This Punjabi Guy Did Not Marry a Christmas Tree!

The truth is no, he did not marry a Christmas tree. He’s dressed like a Punjabi groom but he’s not getting married. Most people who have been looking at this picture (which has gone viral) are questioning what exactly happened.

Punjabi Man Christmas

A recent article highlighted a Punjabi owner of a Bar in the UK who wanted to show solidarity with the locals and so he dressed up his entire bar full of Christmas decorations. He also dressed himself up as a Punjabi groom but he didn’t get married. Many people viewing this picture stated he probably should’ve dressed up in a Bhangra outfit.

The writer of the article presented the Sikh image completely wrong. In reality, the owner is a Punjabi who owns a bar and not a Sikh who owns a bar. Alcohol is prohibited in the Sikh faith and true Sikhs don’t consume any intoxicating substances or drinks.

Punjabi Man2

It’s a wonderful thing that he’s celebrating the holidays by dressing up his bar and showing solidarity but Sikhs don’t own bars.

It’s great to celebrate the Holidays but Christmas should be celebrated at the Church and not exactly in a bar also. ¬†Sikh awareness is great if it’s positive but promoting use of alcohol is totally against the Sikh Faith.

Op Ed by Jaswinder Singh


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