Thousands of Police officers have stopped peacefully marching Sikh Parcharaks and Sangat from reaching the Chief Ministers residence at Chandigarh. Parcharaks and Sangat have now sat down on the road.

No agreement has been made so far with Parcharaks and the State and so protests are continuing in Chandigarh.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale have said NO closed door meeting will take place with Government officials, who are asking for a discussion. NO one should speak to them alone, or as a ‘5-member committee’ etc, any discussion the Government officials want must take place in front of the Sangat. The Sangat will speak to them collectively. Sangat are peacefully doing Satnam Waheguru Jaap.

Akali Dal’s Prem Singh Chandumajra addressed the press on the issue stated they will only make decision on the two brothers after results from the lie detector test. He said the Sant Samaj agreed to the lie detector test.

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