Nitnem Album “Words of Akaal” Goes Viral, A First For Faith Based Album

A new Nitnem album called “Words of Akaal” produced by Dharam Seva Records with vocals by Kamaljeet Singh Wanchiri has gone viral on social networks. The album has receieved tremendous support and just in it’s first day it’s ranked on the Mainstream UK Charts.

The Album is a first of it’s kind because it offers a very relaxing and meditative feel. The sound is engineered to sooth and relax the mind while listening to the words of Akal Purakh Wahe Guru is a transcending experience on it’s own. Gurbani is transcending as it takes the mind to a whole different dimension and the added blissful music makes this album perfect.

Bhai Kamaljeet Singh Wanchiri’s voice is very soothing to the ears and his sense of humility can be felt. He accurately and with correct pronunciation has sung Gurbani.

Major Punjabi singers, artists, producers, and media networks have all shared the album on their respective social networks.

Famous Singers Tweet About Words of Akaal
Famous Singers Tweet About Words of Akaal

The album has a total of 9 tracks starting off with:
1. Japji Sahib
2. Jaap Sahib
3. Tav Prasad Sawaiye
4. Chaupai Sahib
5. Anand Sahib
6. Nitnem Ardas
7. Rehraas Sahib
8. Kirtan Sohila
9. End of Day Ardas

On Day 1 “Words of Akaal” becomes the first faith based album to make it to the UK’s Mainstream List

words of akal1abc
“Words of Akaal” Ranked on With Mainstream Albums

Words of Akaal is already having an impact on it’s listeners: This is one users review:

Words of akaal
User’s Review of Words of Akaal

Words of the Akaal is the perfect album to listen for a variety of reasons: First, people can listen on the way to their work and back; secondly, it’s the perfect medicine to relax and refresh the mind; and lastly, the accurate pronunciation of words and the added music makes this album perhaps one of the best ever. The best part of all is that all proceeds will go to future projects as Dharam Seva is a nonprofit organization.

Check out the Album: “Words of Akaal”

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