Nihang Singhs Expose Man Who Claims to be “Last Sikh Warrior” (Video)

(DSU News Bureau) A man by the name of “Nidar Singh” from Wolverhampton, UK has claimed to be the “last Sikh warrior” which has upset Nihang Singh groups in India. The Singhs from Punjab say Nidar preaches anti-Sikh teachings.

The controversy escalated when foreign media outlets published stories where Nidar claimed he was the “Last Sikh Warrior.”

A video has recently surfaced of Nihangs from Punjab condemning Nidar Singh for his fusion of Hindu and Sikh teachings which he calls “Sanatan HinduSikh Shastar Vidhya.”

From Website of Nidar Singh

A quote in a BBC article confirms the claims of him stating Nihangs consume alcohol.

From BBC Article
From BBC Article

Following the claims, various Nihang groups jointly wrote a letter excommunicating Nidar Singh. The controversy has come back after recently published story by the BBC again portrays Nidar as the last Sikh warrior.

Joint Letter:

Joint Letter by Nihang Singh Groups
Joint Letter by Nihang Singh Groups

The Nihangs expressed disappointment and condemned the practices of Nidar Singh.

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