Nihang Singhs Explain Clash Incident at Amritsar (Video)

Nihang Singhs explain what happened before bullets were fired in Amritsar

Two Nihang sikh groups clash in Amritsar during the ‘bandi chod’ festival which is celebrated a day after Diwali.

Amritsar, Oct 24 (PTI) Six ‘Nihangs’ (armed Sikh warriors) were today injured, one of them seriously, in exchange of gun shots during an altercation between two groups of the sect at an annual event here.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Parmpal Singh said the incident occurred when 70 groups of ‘Nihangs’, consisting of over 2,000 participants from all over Punjab, were taking part in a horse race and displaying tricks on horse back.

2 Nihang Singh groups clashed, reasons are unknown at this time. Police have recovered the weapons involved and an investigation is being conducted to determine the cause of the clash.

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