Nick Cannon: Turban Makes Me Feel Like a King, Sikhism Inspired Me

Nick Cannon has been reading and understanding the beauty of the Sikh faith.This is the real reason he has been wearing the turban.

The turban serves as a very important article in the Sikh faith and about the idea of royalty and sovereignty that it represents. He broke down the concept of wearing a turban and how it began, what it represents, in his own words.

He said, “When you study, what a ‘turban’ ultimately represents was people of strength and discipline and ultimately to cover up the hair of Sikh individuals who don’t cut their hair.

They wear it as a sense of pride and a sense of discipline because they knew they would stand out and that people would actually have adversity towards them. But they stood so firm in their faith and that’s what they still do to this day and if I can stand with them in that fight I would do it.”

Nick Cannon explains how the Sikh faith inspired him to wear the turban.

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