Newspaper Issues Apology After Racist Article on Sikhs

We at Daily Sikh Updates Published article after TOI’s racist article on Sikhs. Here was our response: Sardars Put in Bad light

After the news story went viral readers across the world expressed outrage and reached the ears of TOI. One particular user named Amandeep Singh received a direct response by the journalist who wrote the article.


He wrote us back an email:

“First of all I would like to thank you for the great job of sharing the latest daily Sikh updates with the community. This email is in reference to article you published on 22nd Jan( ) , thanks for bringing this to notice, your points that how the newspaper article was written against Sikhs were very well expressed, since this was highly unacceptable I reached out to the Topmost management of newspaper and editor, mentioning how that article is actually against Sikhs, I used your points in the email to them and also pasted your website article link in that email to make them aware about how Sikh community feels about that article.” Amandeep Singh


TOI Journalist Priya Gupta Responds and apologizes.

“As a result the newspaper editor apologized over the email and mentioned that they would try their best Not to repeat it in future, but they still owed a bigger apology to community for which I asked them to publish a written apology which they finally published in yesterday’s(28th January) edition. Thanks to all your effort for sharing and putting all those points so well.”

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