Newlywed Couple Feeds Animals Instead of Guests (Video)

Unique wedding! Dogs, monkeys wedding guest

To make your wedding memorable does everybody best. Haryana’s Bhiwani town dedicated to marry a anaukhe Perhaps you have never heard about. First of all, you are getting visitors with wedding guests in. Animals Cows, dogs, monkeys, fish and birds, were the chief guest of the wedding.

Already, everyone calling in marriage to a politician or actor wedding beauty in this unique marriage increases imposed these animals ਰੌਣਕਾਂ.

Now, if the guest is so special banquet will be certain. Of course, the newlywed couple in the house after Bless birds found bait, dogs gulagule khavae, bananas and monkeys, cows, green fodder and pudding khavaia.

It was the wedding guests who had spent four-moon. Now you say that after all, is what brought the bride. Presage bride poem on the car rather unique wedding jewelery worth millions to make more specific brought the town and the surrounding cattle worth millions to clean the machine.

In fact, according activist Full Singh was not cleaning their city and decided to marry has been taken by mahapacaita. So the marriage of his son who decided this manner.

This step was certainly has become an example for the future generations will talk of this marriage.

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