A New Zealand newspaper called the NZ Herald has hurt Sikh sentiments with outrageous cartoon. The cartoon was in relation to New Zealand member of Parliament’s recent comments on immigrant workers.


The article criticized politician Vincent Peter over using immigrant workers from other countries for economic prosperity of the country. The point of the article was to show Vincent Peter auctioning immigrant workers for his political benefit.

The outrageous cartoon showed Vincent Peter riding a goat with a Turban, long beard, horns sticking out of his head, and feat tied.

The cartoonist stated he only drew the cartoon based on the comments by the Member of Parliament.

Supreme Sikh Council Society of New Zealand hired a lawyer to engage in a dialogue with the newspaper over the act. The cartoon was removed from the website after the Sikhs expressed their outrage.

Labor party politician a Punjabi Saini Koshal expressed his unhappiness over the cartoon hurting Sikh sentiments.

According to an official report there are 57,800 immigrant workers and the highest among them are from India with 12,100 workers.

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