A video surfaced of Raagi Balbir Singh with Naamdhari Guru Jasjit Singh. The video starts off with Raagi Bhai Balbir Singh and his 2 deceased brothers performing kirtan in front of the Naamdharis.

At 1 Hour 6 minutes of the video Raagi Balbir Singh calls the Naamdhari as “Dhan Sri Guru SatGuru”

Ragi Balbir Singh has been caught again in a video bowing to Namdhari ‘Guru’ and calling him ‘Satguru’ and saying his “janam has been safla” with seeing the Namdhari ‘Guru’ again. In it he also mentions having darshan of the previous Namdhari ‘Guru’.

Also, Raagi Balbir Singh is seen continuously bowing to the Naamdhari Guru. However, the part of interest is when on his way out he touches the feet of the Naamdhari Guru.

Recently, a video surfaced showing Raagi Balbir Singh meeting with Ashutosh, the same cult which continuously committed sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Bhai Balbir Singh apologized by stating he wasn’t aware who Ashutosh was.

It is known there are several things the Naamdharis don’t accept of the Khalsa Panth:

1) They don’t accept Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the eternal Guru.
2) They don’t accept the Sikh greeting of ‘Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh’
3) The Dohara ‘Agia Bhaei Akal Ki’ is not read in the Ardas of the Naamdharis.

Naamdharis are exceptional musicians who’ve treasured the singing of Raag based kirtan for centuries, but it’s because controversial when a well known Sri Harmandar Sahib Raagi touches their feet.

These Pictures should leave not doubt that it is need Raagi Balbir Singh






Raagi Balbir Singh Touches Feet of Naamdhari Guru




Part of interest is after 1 Hour 6 Minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes:


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