The all new lenses for smartphones has caused a tremendous drop in prices for expensive DSLR cameras particularly due to the superb quality of the lenses. One company HD360x has designed a lense which will fit most smartphones including the Iphones.

The smartphones are capable of crystal clear quality images when the objects are near, however the far away objects are captured blur. This lense fixes that problem by allowing you to maximize the use of your smartphone without the hassle of carrying a large DSLR camera around.

The only phones the lense doesn’t fit are phones which have dual lenses. The new product by HD360x has received a tremendous response online. For a limited time HD360x is offering a deep discount and supplies are limited as orders are increasing day by day.

The lenses enable you to capture far away objects with clear quality by zooming.



These are the specifications for the lense:








Some of the smartphones that are compatible with the lense.



Images via: HD360x

You can purchase the lense on the official website of HD360x

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