New Golden Temple Plaza to Open Oct 22 (Video)

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golden-temple-1 plaza 2

GOlden temple plaza 1
Architects Note:
“Golden Temple Plaza
This design is the shortlisted entry for the pitch for the Entrance Plaza of the Golden Temple in Amristar, Punjab, India. The design aims to create a new ritual within the boundaries of the existing temple rituals at this holy place, a clockwise walk underneath a laser cut marble roof. During the clockwise walk the visitor can read the first book of the Gurdwara, the holy book, in the shadow pattern on the floor.

The designed minimal roof creates a square within a lost public space, shade for the visitors and a new destination for all visitors.
Client: Department of Architecture, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
Location: Amritsar, Punjab, India
Area: 9,100 sq.m
Year of completion: 2010
Project team: Sachin Bhoite, Lara de Rooij
Collaborators: Temple Architecture India, Subhash & Associates
The physical movement of people within and outside the temple complex constantly asserts the importance of Harmandir Sahib with an alternating circular and radial movement patterns while the temple complex itself forms a neutral canvas to accommodate these movements. The new interventions in the plaza will reproduce these relations as a contextual response to form a space with an ethereal connection to the temple.

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