In 1740 the governor of Lahore put massa ranghar a chaudhury of mandiala as the incharge of the HARMANDER SAHIB (golden temple )Sikhs were not allowed to visit the harimander sahib or to take a dip in the holy waters of its sarover . massaranghar watched the dancing girls perform ,drank alcohol and smoked hookah in side the harninder sahib .

Balakasingh took this news to a band of khalsa in the deserts of rajasthan .balakasingh narrated stories to the congregation of Sikhs. After listening sardarmehtabsingh and sardarsukhasingh volunteered to bring massaranghar’s head back to rajasthan .

Both of the Sikhs disguised themselves as chaudhries bringing revenue to Amritsar .they filled up bags of broken pottery pieces and made them look as if they are full of coins .

The dressed up as chaudhries entered the city of Amritsar .massa ranger was smoking the hukkah and watching the dancing girls,the Sikhs threw the bags under massaranghar ‘s bed and said the had come to pay the revenue .massa bent downwards to have a look at the bags .sikhs immediately took his sword and slashed it massa’s neck and instantly severed his head . they reached rajasthan and presented massaranghar ‘s head on the spear to the congregation (dal) of Sikhs .

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