New Most Expensive Gurdwara Gets Gold Domes, to Open 2015

Beneath it, a group of Irish builders stand, necks craned upward, as it drifts slowly towards its destination – a giant golden dome 40 metres above the ground.

The bell has a hole, just 100mm wide, and the top of the dome has a pole – just 80mm wide.

Getting the two to meet, with just 2cm to spare, is proving something of an aerial ballet.

Gurdwara UK Gold Dome 2 Gurdwara UK Gold Dome1 Gurdwara UK Gold Dome Gurdwara golden UK Gurdwara

Gold Gurdwara 314024-singh-sabha-gurdwara

Silence from the ground.

A few gentle pirouettes from the bell.

And with surprising grace and little fuss, Glasgow’s Gurdwara accepts her crown.
It has the combined weight of a small elephant, but the glistening dome atop what will be Scotland’s largest Sikh temple is finally in place.

“It’s an exciting moment for us,” said Surjit Singh Chowdhary, president of the Gurdwara committee.

“The dome went on yesterday and looked wonderful glinting in the sun. It has completely changed Glasgow’s skyline.”
Along with several other members of the Singh Sabha Gurdwara committee, retired businessman Mr Chowdhary has spent the last two days with his eyes on the sky as the golden structure has taken shape.

With a combined estimated weight of four tonnes, it has been carefully constructed out of glass-reinforced plastic and rests on a throne purposely built to provide a community for the 10,000 Sikhs currently living Scotland.

Originally Published By: Glasgow News

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