A known Punjabi film director Mangal Dhillon had announced a documentary on Operation Bluestar called “Saaka Neela Tara” which occurred on June 1984.

The film will be written, directed, and produced by Mangal Dhillon.

A special press conference was held to announce the film. The film maker has stated all of the film will be based on eyewitness account ” “The purpose is to view this historical tragedy from an unbiased perspective and educate the coming generations about the roles that the army, police, administration, media, political leaders, public, mediators and militants played in the run-up to the siege and thereafter,” he stated.

While speaking with reporters he assured the film will be based on facts. However, many in the Sikh community have expressed on social media that it would most probably be a biased film to get approval from the censor board.

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