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New Delhi Assembly Elections Live Results from the Election Commission as the vote count comes in.

Aam Aadmi Party
AAP released its manifesto on 31 January 2015. Highlights of manifesto

Resolved to legislate the Delhi Jan Lokpal Bill after coming to power.
Legislate the Swaraj Act to devolve power directly to the people
Acting within constitutional framework AAP will use its moral and political authority to push for full statehood for Delhi
Will keep its promise of reducing electricity bills by half.

Conduct a comprehensive performance audit of discoms by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
Put Delhi’s own power station at the pithead and comprehensively solve Delhi’s electricity problem in long run.

AAP reiterates the 2013 Delhi manifesto promise of providing consumers right to choose between electricity providers.
Facilitate a phased shift to renewable and alternate sources of energy like Solar Energy.

Provide Water as a Right. It will provide access to clean drinking water to all of Delhi at an affordable price
Ensure free lifeline water of up to 20 kiloliters (20,000 liters) to every household per month.

Provide universal access to potable water to all its citizens of Delhi at a sustainable and affordable price.
Ensure firm implementation of the HC order that entitles Delhi to extra raw water from Haryana in Munak canal
Preserve and replenish local and decentralized water resources to augment Delhi’s water resources.

Committed to clamping down on Delhi’s powerful water mafia working under the patronage of political leaders.
Several steps will be taken to revive the Yamuna including sewer treatment and control affluent discharge.

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