Responding to the latest in a series of death threats, Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale says the age-old ‘Chabeel’ concept in the Sikh faith should not be tarnished in a way where the word is now being used as a synonym for an assassination. A link to the news report and video of the latest threat can be seen in the link at the bottom of this report.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa said, “I never spoke against Damdami Taksal, out-the-blue they made this allegation that I did. They executed the armed attack; they fired gunshots and killed my Parcharak brother Bhai Bhupinder Singh. After the attack when the reporters asked them why, they lied and said they did the attack because I spoke against Dasam Granth, when I never did, not even once.”

“In the same way as before, now they are building this false case that I am attacking the Sarovar, speaking against Darbar Sahib” – they are saying they will do another “Chabeel” if they have to (reference by them to an assassination).

These fresh threats have been made from a stage in recent days. These shameless people do not understand they are degrading and insulting the great ‘Chabeel’ concept.

Where is the Akaal Takht, why are they now not speaking against this degradation? These people have committed murders and are fearlessly threatening more, where is the Indian legal system and where is the Punjab Government? Fake leaders, fake “Babeh” and these organisations are now all working hand-in-hand together.

These people have evidently been given blessings. Without blessings from high places, no one would have the nerve to speak like they are; no one would have the nerve to create such big lies – “attacking the Sarovar”???

This false case is being concocted that Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa is a “nindak” of the Sarovar, he is saying there is no need for Darbar Sahib etc. There is no evidence of this ever being said by the Sikh Parcharak. Sikhs in other countries are also being brainwashed – it is all happening totally by design.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa said, “What is the reason for this, it is because when they do another ‘Chabeel’ (their words) in due course, afterwards they can justify the murder by saying he spoke against the Sarovar and that’s why we killed him”.

Everything that is happening now is part of a pre-plan to wrongly justify a murder in the future. The tactics being employed now are an exact reproduction of what they did prior to the May 2016 attack in which Bhai Bhupinder Singh was killed.

Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa said the authorities only listen if one becomes a “Chaaploos”, goes and begs to them, offers flattery. He said he has never done that and never will.

This recording is from the Manauli (near Mohali) Diwaan on 22 October 2016, which concluded with 146 people becoming Amritdhari.

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