A new Bollywood song’s titled ‘Nachan Farrate’ has hurt Sikh sentiments after it showed dancers with Dumalla, a turban of the Sikhs blessed by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The turban style was first worn by Sahibzaada Fateh Singh Ji and represents the immense sacrifices of the Sikhs throughout history.

The Dumalla became the official way of tying a Turban of Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s warriors, the Nihangs. The Dumalla is represents courage, spirituality, and has tremendous Significance as it represents commitment towards Sikhi.

A few concerned Sikhs on social networks posted the following messages:

‘I just found this video on youtube and was shocked to see that the dancers have been tied Dumalas but without or trimmed beards!! Till now we have seen them tying turbans but now they have started tying dumalas which will in turn make a new trend of tying dumalas with trimmed beards!! This is really disturbing. I never enforce anyone although to become a sikh but if someone is using the traditional dress for songs, it is a serious matter that needs to be taken into account!! What are your views friends??’

‘Even I had the same view as yours virji.
I guess the entertainment ministry wouldn’t understand until there is a chaos if there is a scene of a Brahmin eating meat and drinking alcohol or doing some other thing which is prohibited for any other community.’

‘This is a new first by Indian media, Dumaalaa used to be a symbol of great commitment to sikkhee but now Indian media is attempting to make it a fashion object.’

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